You chose the Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Package.  Congratulations on taking this step for your future!

Before We Meet

I will give you an order form for the Wheat Zoomer and Mediator Release lab tests.  You will take those forms to Any Lab Test Now or another place to get your blood drawn (cost of blood draw is not included in the package price).  Be sure you provide your payment information on the form.  You will also add a few forms to your Mediator Release test kit box: the symptom survey and the food avoidance form.  The place that takes your blood will send your tests to the labs.  I recommend that you take a picture of your tracking number for your Mediator Release test kit and send it to me.

While we wait for your results, I will ask you to fill out a symptom survey so that we can see how you are feeling before we start.  You will also start filling out the Food/ Symptom Diary.  As much as I hate keeping track of everything I eat, it is a very valuable tool for finding out which foods cause problems.  No judgment here – we just use this to help improve your health.

7-10 Days Later…

…we will have your results back.  This is when we will meet again for an hour and a half.  During our visit we will discuss your test results, including your reactive foods.

We will make a plan to lower your health problems that are caused by food sensitivities.  We will choose 25-40 foods that you usually eat and are less likely to cause problems – those will make up the first eating plan.

If you have chronic pain or headaches/ migraine, you may want to think about taking out your most reactive foods over about a week before starting the full plan.

For 10-14 days you will only eat the 25-40 “safe” foods.  You will keep track of what you eat and how you feel every day.  Please note, it is common to feel worse for a few days before you start to feel better.

About Two Weeks Later

About 10-14 days after you start your new eating plan, we will meet again for our second visit.  I will ask you to complete another symptom survey to see if your health has improved.  Hopefully you are starting to feel better!  If not, we will review your food/ symptom diary for things that may be causing problems.  We will discuss any new challenges and review your plan for your health.  If you are starting to get better, we will make a plan to add more foods to your eating plan.

Another Two Weeks Later…

…we will meet again.  Once again, I will ask you to do the symptom survey.  Hopefully your score is continuing to go down.  We will check on how you did with adding new foods.  Then we will make a plan for the next month.

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A Month After That

The next two visits, a month apart, will be very similar.  Hopefully you are feeling really good now and have added several foods to your “safe” list.  We will make a plan for the future, including “untested” foods.

More Support

In addition to your five visits, you will have three and a half months of email support starting when we receive your test results.  Use this any time you have a quick question or want to know something between visits!  After your three and a half months end, you can always add one of our wellness plans to continue your care.