Hi, I’m Courtney. I am a wife, mom, nutrition professional, volleyball coach, and sports fanatic. I can’t remember a time in my life where sports weren’t a big part of it. I played many sports, but specialized in volleyball which lead me to a college scholarship. With many years of playing, come many aches and pains from overuse. I found my love for nutrition by seeing first-hand the benefits fueling your body right can have to how you feel, how you play, and how your body recovers and fights all those aches and pains more efficiently.

I received my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition- Dietetics from Arizona State University, and a Master of Health Sciences from Western Carolina University. I started my career where my heart has always been, in sports nutrition. I loved working with athletes and helping them to compete at their best. While I still love that area of nutrition, my career and love of helping people feel their best and reach optimal health has lead me to a variety of other areas of nutrition including nutrition counseling, school nutrition, public health, and women, infant and child nutrition.

I want to support you as your nutritionist and health coach to improve your health and quality of life with whatever you may be suffering from, or whatever goals you may have. I will support and encourage you to make the changes that you want and that fit into your lifestyle.

Fun Facts:

  • I won a high school state championship and a club volleyball national championship in the same year.
  • I have lived in 5 states: Utah, Arizona, Nebraska, North Carolina, and California.
  • I have the best boxer named Kayjay.
  • One of my favorite foods is chicken wings (guilty!).

Education and Training: