What is a Brand Rep?

A brand rep is someone who represents (serves as, speaks for) a brand.  Have you ever gone to a really good restaurant, movie, or hotel, and then told your friends and family about it?  Have you ever worn clothes that show the name of the designer or store?  If so, you have been a brand rep.  Generally, when we do those things, we are being a brand rep for free.  Sometimes we get some sort of bonus for sharing.  (And, when we wear clothes that show off the brand, we are almost always paying for the privilege of representing the brand.)

Why be a Brand Rep?

Periodically, we will look for brand reps, because we feel like it helps both of us.  As a company, it helps us get the message out that good health is possible to more people – people we likely would not meet otherwise.  For the brand rep, it provides extra motivation to find things that are leading to health problems and work on eliminating them.  We have tried to build in incentives in a variety of ways, because we truly want to help you live a healthier life.

What is Involved?

First of all, we want you to choose and follow through with one of our service packages.  We want you to get healthier.  If you could do that on your own, we are pretty sure that you would have already.  If you have any of the conditions that are helped by the Mediator Release Test and LEAP eating plan, there is a >90% chance that your symptoms will improve if you follow the eating plan.  That also means a small amount of people have something going on that is totally unrelated to food sensitivity.  We don’t want you to try to promote our business to others if you don’t really believe in it.  So, we want you to complete the package before you officially start as a brand rep.  (Of course, if you are feeling better before the package ends, we would love for you to tell people.)

Once your package ends, the brand rep contract period begins.  It will last for three (3) months. If you have not already, you will join our mailing list, and like and follow our Facebook page.  We also ask you to place a review of us on our Facebook page, and provide a testimonial for our website.  (So far, pretty easy, right?)

We also need you to promote us on social media.  This means liking, commenting on, and sharing content from our Facebook page.  You would also share our business in response to other people’s social media posts.  Remember that time you saw someone posting about their health struggles?  Just share your experiences with improving your health, and tag Nutrition First Solutions in your comment.  It’s that easy.

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What are the Benefits?

Your immediate benefit is that during your contract, you will receive one month of Concierge Wellness Plan and two months of Basic Wellness Plan for free.  This extends your initial package by giving you three months of email support and one virtual visit.

At the end of the contract period comes your biggest incentive.  If you meet all of the contract requirements, we will give you back half of what you paid for your initial package.  Finally, if together, we decide to continue our brand rep relationship, you can get additional bonuses for people who are referred to our company by you.

Ready to Start?

If all of this sounds good to you, let us know you are interested in being our brand rep.  Then we will send you an application so that we can get to know you and your social media usage.  We hope to work with you soon!

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