They Just Don’t Get It

As a sufferer of chronic pain, I know we have all been to doctors who just don’t understand.

do no harm

When my daughter was about three months old, I was fed up with my headaches and made a doctor’s appointment (I had to take Tylenol with codeine daily for over two months just to survive pregnancy).  My appointment was with a nurse practitioner who had a student.  The student spent an hour asking me every question in the book about every body system, and then the real nurse practitioner came in, spent two minutes with me, and told me to keep doing what I was doing (Excedrin and Zantac).  During those two minutes, I actually asked the nurse practitioner about gluten and headaches, and she blew me off like it was the most ridiculous thing she had heard.  (Six years later, I got tested and have a wheat allergy.)

So, in case you missed the main points of the story, here they are again: I hadn’t slept in three months, my headaches were bad enough for me to schedule a doctor’s appointment, and I just spent an hour in a doctor’s office only to be told, “keep doing what you’re doing.”


My favorite, though, was my next doctor (I never returned to the previous office – which I am sure is shocking).  My main concern was getting my headaches under control.  My doctor’s main concern was my weight.  He only wanted to talk about my weight and get me to do things to lose weight.  He never really cared about getting my pain under control (although he did put me on a very questionable drug).

I get it.  Really, I do.  Weight status does impact health in a lot of ways (and it was measurable for the doctor).  What I also understand – that the doctor apparently didn’t – is that when you are in that much pain, other aspects of self-care are all but impossible.

Finding a Better Way

I want to help people improve their overall health.  I also want to do it in a way that is different from many doctors, personal trainers and coaches.  I am sensitive to the concerns of people with chronic pain.  I also want to help people expand past self-imposed limitations.  I can’t take away the pain for you, but I have found something (completely legal) that can help most people with certain types of pain. It’s not the easy road, but then again, neither is living in pain.  If you are tired of living in pain and are willing to do whatever it takes to get better, why not see if the foods you are eating are contributing to your pain and other health issues.  We would love to help you find a healthier you!  Schedule a pre-package consult with us, and we will find out if and how we can help you live a life with less pain.

If you are still not completely sure that the foods you eat are tied to your health, check out the book Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.


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