The Saga Continues

Much like how the discussion of my headaches was written two years ago, the following was as well:

I am blessed with headaches as not my only source of pain.  I injured my shoulder, and generally speaking, it doesn’t hurt as often as my head, but when it flares up, it is pretty intense.

Back in college, swing dancing became popular – especially my senior year.  Several years later I made a new friend who is a good dancer, and she and I would go out to a ballroom for swing dancing.  I am not a good dancer, so the guys who were really good didn’t want to dance with me.  As a result, I was dancing one night with a guy who was not a good lead, and I was not a good follower.  I ended up severely straining or spraining my shoulder (I don’t know which) at a time when I had no health insurance.

Photo from WikiMedia Commons

Fast forward nine years, and periodically I get a huge knot and intense pain in my shoulder.  Like right now.  I have been trying acupressure to release the knot.  I also put essential oils on it.  I need to ice it right now.

And Now…

Two more years later, and my shoulder was still hurting.  I honestly never imagined that foods may be leading to the flare up of pain.  I started the LEAP protocol in the hopes of reducing or eliminating my headaches.  About a week into my first eating plan I realized that my shoulder had not been hurting for a few days.  And it kept not hurting.  What a pleasant surprise!  I have also found that if I go off my eating plan, whether that means “cheating” or adding new foods while following the protocol, my shoulder pain comes back.  As much as I may want to eat a brownie, the shoulder pain just is not worth it.  (Although getting a massage might be nice!)

Photo from Pixabay